Monday, May 17, 2010

1st of MANY Daddy/Daughter Dates

Terrel got to take Tegan on her very 1st Daddy /Daughter date. He promised her that if she did a really good job through her surgery and all that just she and he would go to the Braves game. They went on Friday, May 15 and watched the Braves take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. They got there kind of early to watch some batting practice and throwing and every once in a whil eone of the players would throw a ball in to the stands for teh fans, and Tegan kept saying to her Daddy that she wanted a ball(**Remember this for later in the post**). They sat down the first base line into right field about 3 rows from the field, so they had pretty good seats. Terrel said Tegan was great, she behaved so well and just had a blast and never got bored. To add to this exciting date, Terrel caught a foul ball and was on TV as he was handing it to Tegan--- what a priceless evening in my opinion.Once Terrel caught the ball and handed it to Tegan , Tegan said to her Daddy-- WE DID IT!!! They gave us ball!!! (She thought the players finally through a ball to her). The evening went on and the Braves went on to win after some very exciting basbeall activity with scoring runs and homeruns, etc. On Fridays at the Braves home games they have Friday Night of course they had to stay at watch those-- and Tegan was in heaven...she absolutely loved the fireworks. They got home after midnight and my little miss Tegan was still WIDE awake when they got home--- she was so excited to tell me all about the game. I am so glad that she and her daddy were able to spend some special time with just the two of them. What a great father my girls have. I am so grateful for him and the time he wants to spend with our girls.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I read on a few people's blogs about why they chose their child's name. I didn't do the link up that some of the other's did, but it's always fun to talk about baby names.... **NO WE ARE NOT PREGNANT**

Our first bundle of joy came to us in June of 2006. We chose the name Tegan from my name and Terrel's name. We took the TE from his name and the GAN from my name and formed Tegan. We had never heard the name when we decided to name her that, but then I started to hear it more and more. It's still not too popular of a name, but every now and then someone will say, ohhh my niece or grandaughter is named that....usually the spelling is different but again every once in a while the spelling will be the same. Her middle name is Brook, which is my middle name also. We never had any other names picked out for her...this was the one. If she was going to be a boy...I liked Jackson, Parker, & Landon

Carley was born in September 2008. We decided on her name one day while I was looking in the baby name book and found it.... I would sit at home with Tegan and look through the baby name book then email Terrel at work with the names I found that I like...he always said NO for every name I would pick out and would have some crazy reason...but then one day he was looking back at some names and said what about Carley and I told him I had picked that name several weeks ago and emailed you about it and you had said No.... but we decided together that we liked Carley. Her midddle name is Jordan after my was her last name. Other names I liked when I was pregnant with Carley were--- Avery, McKay, Conner, and Braelynn--- I know there are more but these are just a few.

We're so grateful for our two little girls that we have and hope to one day have at least one other little one join our family.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Tegan at home after surgery (5.3.10)


Having fun playing dress up--- Tegan says she's Cinderella and Carley is the fairy godmother