Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Thankful" Family Home Evening

On Monday, November 23 we had a special FHE on being thankful. We had a short lesson on how we are supposed to be thankful for things and how Heavenly Father wants us to be grateful. We then made a "Thankful Turkey". I went ahead and made the turkey's body and glued it on paper, then I cut out a bunch of different colored feathers. Each of us got one feather each and wrote something we are thankful for. I cut out enough feathers for the week leading up to Thanksgiving Day, so each day we will write one thing we are grateful for on one of the turkey's feathers. After we did the turkey we hung it up on the wall to be seen all week long. We then took Reese's pieces for our 'dessert' and went around a spoke about the things we are thankful for and why we are thankful for those things. Tegan truly understood what the meaning of our FHE was and she was so cute when we were taking turns with the Reese's pieces saying things we are thankful for. She said "Jesus" the first time around...we then went and said a few other things...and it came back to her on about her 3rd of 4th time and she said "Jesus" again... I told her she already said Jesus, so she then said ummm... "Jesus Christ". It was so cute and so priceless!!!