Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Happenings 2010

This holiday season was filled with lots of fun times with family and friends. We were able to do many fun activities together. Our holiday started by going Christmas shopping on the day after Thanksgiving...this is an annual tradition that my mom(Morgan's) and I do...we've been doing it for YEARS!!! We always have soo much fun...some years we wake up and get to the stores by midnight, but this year we waited to go at 3 am. We had a fun filled day full of great finds and lots of yummy treats to eat during the day.

The next fun holiday activity we did was go to our local community parade. It was so much fun, even though it rained and was really cold. Tegan and Carley loved watching all the floats go by and getting all kinds of candy. The local schools' bands marched and played in the parade as well. After the parade was finished everyone went to our downtown park where they did the Christmas Tree lighting and Santa visits.

Another fun event we were able to go to was Stone Mountain Christmas. This was a really neat event and we enjoyed all the beautiful lights, train ride, and all the entertainment. Stone Mountain is a very fun place and we hope to be able to go back really soon!!!

The most fun of all though was waiting for almost an hour to sit in Santa's lap at the mall.... haha.... no really it was FUN the girls LOVE getting to see him and telling them what they wanted for Christmas.

Our Holiday season leading up to Christmas Day was full of memories that will last forever. We're so thankful that we are able to do fun things together as a family and enjoy being together. What a wonderful time of year it is to be with our loved ones.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Georgia Bulldogs 2010

This year we decided to buy season tickets to Georgia Bulldogs. We were so excited to get them at such a great price. My mom and dad went in on them with us...we got two and they got 2. We've had a GREAT time so far being at the stadium on gamedays and enjoying all the gameday activities. Our Bulldogs have not had the best season so we've been a little upset with them...but oh well it's only a game. The first game we went to was vs. Louisiana-Lafayette on 9/4/10. My dad couldn't go to that game so just my little famiyl was able to go....Terrel, Tegan, Carley and me. We had a GREAT time being there and the girls absolutely LOVED it!! The next home game was vs. Arkansas--- Terrel adn I went and my dad and my brother Bryce got to go to this mom opts to stay home with my girls :)--- the teams went back and forth all day long and finally Georgia got ahead at the end of the game but then at the last minute Arkansas scored and ended up winning the was a sad day in BullDAWG nation...but again it's just a game someone is going to win and someone is going to lose--we just wish we would have won!!! Going into the next game Georgia's record was 1-4...This past Saturday 10/9/10...Terrel, my dad, Tegan, and I headed over to Athens ready to WIN!!! We played UT(Tennessee). Our DAWGS blew them away--they played soooo awesome...had some great touchdowns...great Defense, the day was just awesome!!! WE WON 41-14. Tegan thoroughly enjoys herself at the games--eventhough she gets tired and falls asleep for at least a quarter (hehe). She knows ALL the chants and songs and loves to watch the Cheerleaders jump, flip, and shout...but her most favorite is getting to see Hairy Dawg and UGA!!! We're so proud of our DAWGS and hope they have a great rest of the season!!! Pictures from ALL our GAMES:

Video from DAWGS run out--Coach Richt leading the team

DawgWalk 9/4/10

Braves game 10-1-10

We were able to go to one of the last Braves regular season games and one of Manager Bobby Cox's last regular season games. It was a really fun time. Terrel took one of his customer's and his wife so it was fun to be with new people and get to know them :) The Braves did't play all that well...they got beat oh well...they still made it to the playoffs :)We love the Braves and are rooting them all the way to the World Series---I hope they make it. Go Braves!!!

Tool Race at Braves Game 10-1-10

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carley Turns TWO!!!

September 25, 2010= 2 year old CARLEY!!! We had a GREAT day. Her party turned out really cute. Thank you SOOOOO much Mom & Dad for coming to her party. We loved spending time with y'all on her special day. Zebra was the theme and everything turned out really really cute. I was very impressed with myself ;) We had a very relaxed, yet fun day. We woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed for the BIG day, had her party, went to eat at Jersey's Grill here in Woodstock, then came back and the girl's took a nap. Then after they woke up, they played, played, played with all Carley's new toys. We are so blessed to have our sweet Carley in our lives. She is a joy to be around and is always happy. She is a special little girl and we love her so much.

Carley's 2 year stats=
Weight- 30.5 lbs(90%)
Height- 35 inches (90-95%)
Head- 48.5 cm(75%)