Saturday, June 28, 2008


Tegan got a Barbie 4-wheeler for her birthday and she's so cute riding on it. At first, she only wanted to push it around but now she loves to get outside and ride on it. Everyone better watch out 'cause she'll run you over with this thing!!! Thank you Nana & Papa for the 4-wheeler!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tegan's 2nd Birthday!!!

Today we had Tegan's 2nd birthday party. We had it at a park here in Jacksonville called Kids Kampus. It's a fun park with lots of running space, playgrounds, and a small water park area. We did a Mickey Mouse theme party. Morgan made Tegan's birthday cake, after a long day of working on it she got it finished and it turned out way better than expected. Tegan loved all the Mickey Mouse decorations. We had family and friends come. Some of Tegan's nursery friends from church came too. All the kids had a great time. Tegan received way too many gifts, but we are so grateful for the generosity of all our family and friends. Thank you to all who came out to help celebrate Tegan's birthday.

Tegan's cousins Cydney & Lawton Hood

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day!!!!

We had a wonderful Father's Day! We did breakfast in bed for dad, then went to church, came home had a delicious meal(Terrel cooked)-- we grilled out Hamburgers, and enjoyed our relaxing Sunday together as a family. Terrel is such a wonderful father and husband. He puts our needs before his and does everything in his power to make us happy. Tegan and I are so blessed to have him. Tegan just adores him and loves when he comes home from work.....she can't get enough of him. He is so good with her and she loves to play with him. Terrel is a wonderful man and we are blessed in our lives to have him. We love you Daddy!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tegan's 2 year checkup

Tegan had her 2 year checkup. She now weighs 26 pounds and is 32 inches tall. The doctor actually said she is a little petite--she's never been petite (hehe). I thought it was funny when he said that. She is growing up so fast and has definetly hit "the TWO's". She is still a sweet girl and so loving, but she has her moments---anyone who has or has had a 2 year old knows what i am talking about. We love her and are so thankful for her and the happiness she brings to our family every day. Tegan her Daddy calls her.. our "Sweetness".

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tegan is 2!!!!

Tegan turned 2 on June 6. Terrel took the day off from work to spend time with us. We went to St. Augustine, FL for the day. It was a fun trip. We walked around old St. Augustine and went to the fort and just enjoyed a day together. Tegan had a great time just running around. When we got home we had a little cake for her. She, of course, only wanted to eat the sprinkles on top. She enjoyed her cake though and we had a wonderful time spending the day as a family to celebrate Tegan's 2nd birthday.

Tegan is showing us she is 2 as we are singing Happy Birthday to her

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Feb. 16 2008 we took Tegan to the Jacksonville, FL zoo. Morgan's parents were here, so we all enjoyed a warm day at the zoo. Tegan had a blast seeing all the animals. Her favorite was the birds at the beginning b/c you get to be really close to them and they are flying all around you. This was our 2nd trip to the zoo, we took Tegan last year when she was about 9 months old, so this time she was able to understand it a lot better. Here are some pics to show how much fun we had!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008


WOW!!! It's been a while since I've updated this blog. We've been computerless and unable to do anything but check our email. So we're back now!!! YAY!!! The last time I updated, we had just moved to Jacksonville, Florida. We are still here and loving it!! Terrel loves his job with ABF Freight and has been extremely successful at it! We have beeen so blessed by this opportunity for him to work for ABF, it has been a wonderful change for us and we couldn't ask for anything better!
Christmas 2007 was a lot of fun. Morgan's parents and brother, Bryce, came to JAX for Christmas. We went ice skating and made cookies and just enjoyed being with one another....and also enjoyed all the good FOOD!!!!
2008 thus far has been GREAT for us..... In Feb. we found out we were pregnant again :):) Due Oct. 8. We're excited to welcome this new bundle of joy to our homes. we found out it was another girl!!! tegan is going to love being a big sister and having a sister to share(or fight--haha) with!!! The pregnancy has been great so far. Morgan hasn't been sick at all---this is always a blessing---She is more than halfway through with the pregnancy and wow it's gone by so fast. We still have a long hot FLORIDA summer to go will be hard but we'll make it!!!!
Tegan is almost 2. She will be 2 on Friday, June 6.She is getting so big and is learning so much. We can't believe how smart she is. Sometimes we just sit back and watch her and can't believe she knows some of the things she does!!!! She LOVES the nursery at church. She is such a sweet little girl and is going to be a great big sister. She already wants to kiss and love the baby in Mommy's tummy--it's so cute. Morgan is still loving staying at home. Again we are so grateful for Terrel's wonderful job that allows Morgan to stay home with Tegan. This is one of our many wonderful blessings we enjoy!!!
Our life is great, and we are so thankful for our wonderful family and friends that love and support us!