Monday, August 31, 2009

We've been pretty busy lately!!! First, we've been really enjoying our new house.... trying to get it fixed up a little bit at the time. Still trying to get it decorated but I know that's going to take a while to do :):)
The girls are growing up so fast. Tegan has gotten so tall this summer. She can finally pedal her tricycle all by herself....we've got the kind that has the parent handle attached to the back that allows the parent to steer if she hasn't wanted to pedal but she does now and she loves it!!! She still can't get enough of her baby sister and loves her soo much--- a little too much most of the time---she tries to be soft but doesn't realize she is hurting Carley sometimes with her great big hugs and kisses :):) Carley is now 11 months!!! Wow...this year has really flown by...she will be ONE on Sept 25!!! CRAZY :):) She is now taking about 6-8 steps and when she falls down she can get herself back up without holding onto anything. She always has something that gets in her way (i.e. --TEGAN). We can't wait for her to start walking all on her own.
We're EXTREMELY excited about this time of year b/c the weather is about to get cooler but not too cold.... and it's FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!! We love football season. We love going to and watching the games. It's my favorite time of the year :):) GO DAWGS!!!!