Monday, January 19, 2009

sweet girl

This is a special blog for our sweet Tegan. Everyone always ohhs and ahhs when a new baby is around and the older siblings seem to get left out sometimes, so I wanted to do a blog in her honor. She is such a sweet girl, and teaches us so many things that we actually should be teaching her. She NEVER forgets anything, so if we tell her she can have something tomorrow morning, she WILL remember it. For example, the other night it was late and she wanted a snack, but because it was so late we told her after you go to sleep and wake up and eat your breakfast, tehn you can have this snack. Well, as soon as she woke up and ate her breakfast, she remembered that snack and was asking for it again. Because she doesn't forget anything, we have to always be careful what we say.... we might say "Oh Crap" and you better believe she will hear it no matter where she is in the house and she will repeat it and will remember it....but this is all a good thing because it makes us aware of what we say and how we do things. She always remembers that we have to say prayer before we eat and makes sure we have family prayer every night before going to bed--she always wants to say it. She LOVES church...she wants to go to church everyday and go to nursery. She is now in the Senior nursery and her teachers are wonderful...Tegan absolutely loves them. Tegan is our love and we are so grateful and blessed to have her in our life.