Friday, March 13, 2009


Yesterday, I walked to our bedroom and thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, but I went on to our bedroom...when I walked back down the hallway I saw it again!! and I SCREAMED!!!!! it was a BIG, NASTY, UGLY, BROWN, SPIDER, in our kitchen. I grabbed the camera to take a picture of it, then I SMASHED him. I threw the paper towel away that I smashed him with, and then my little Tegan said , and I quote: "Mommy, a yucky spider" to which I reply, "yes, dear, that was a yucky spider"..she said ,"MOMMY!! A YUCKY SPIDER!!" I said there isn't another yucky spider, she said uh huh on the carpet.... so I walked into the living room and sure enough another spider....but this one was small and black, but still yucky. Luckily, the pest control guy was coming I called our main office and thank goodness he hadn't come yet, so he was able to come spray!!! hopefully we don't have anymore spiders for a looong time.

Tegan's Lip

As you all know or have seen in the pictures....Tegan has a Strawberry Hemangioma on her lip. She was born with this. It is a collection of blood vessels. It is not painful to her...unless of course she busts it open. We have gone to a couple of plastic surgeons now and have made a decision to have it removed now instead of later. They say that the hemangioma MAY go away on its own, but it could take 10 never know. We don't want her to have to go to school with this on her lip, so we are having it removed. The plastic surgeon here in Atlanta said he would have removed it when she was about 2 months old because from 2 months to 3 months old the hemangioma grew over her lip line. He said if he would have removed it before it went over the lip line, it would have been an easier removal...not saying he can't do it this just may be a little harder to get her bottom lip line straight. He will be removing it by laser to start with. We will go 3 different times within 3 months. We start next Thursday, March 19. She will have to have some anesthesia, so we are nervous about her having to go through this, but know it will be better in the long run. We will go every 3rd Thursday until May 21. If after the May 21 treatment, it's not gone, then we will schedule another treatment. The doctor said we can do up to 6 treatments, if after the 6th one it's still not all the way gone then they may have to cut the rest out. We're excited and nervous for her at the same time. She doesn't know what's going on, yet....we're going to talk with her to help her understand a little. Just wanted to inform you all with what will be happening and ask that you all pray for her that she won't be scared or in pain after treatment is done.