Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Terrel Hood Family...est. 9/6/2003

A friend of mine posted on her blog how she and her husband met, fell in love, and got married. I thought this was a really good idea because my posterity will one day read these blog entries. So here it goes....
It all started when Terrel and my brother, Bryce, became mission companions in the Utah Salt Lake City South mission. They became good friends and have remained friends ever since. Terrel and I wrote a couple letters.... I was still a giddy teenager just loving getting letters from missionaries. I saw a few pictures of him that were sent to our house and I thought he was HOTT! I met Terrel once at a members house in Utah when my family went out to pick Bryce up from his mission. Bryce came home from his mission in August 2002, then it was time for Terrel to come home in October 2002. Some friends from Utah, Rachel and Jo, wanted to come to the south to visit when Terrel came home. They flew into Birmingham, AL where my family was living at the time and stayed with us for a few days then Bryce, Rachel, Jo and I jumped in the car one day and headed to Waycross, GA...where Terrel lived. We got there, and all his friends and family were there and we all just hung out and had a fun time for the weekend. There was some flirting going on but nothing major...again I am only 18 at the time. We got in the car to head home on a Sunday afternoon(actually it was Nov 10--my bday) and there was a bad storm that came while we were traveling home... so Terrel decided to call to make sure we got home alright, and we pretty much started our lives together after that phone call. We started calling each other every day talking for hours. We met in Macon over Thanksgiving at my Nanny & Papa's house and hung out over the weekend. He surprised me a few weeks later and came to Birmingham to visit. We started visiting as often as we could...every few weekends. Then it was getting harder and harder to leave each other everytime we had to say goodbye on Sunday Easter time came and he sent me on an Easter egg hunt(the sunday after easter) and that's how he proposed to me. I was soooo SURPRISED!!! I of course accepted and we were engaged for just over 4 months. After we got engaged we didn't go any weekend without seeing each other. We took turns driving back and forth between birmingham and waycross(6 hour drive) every weekend. Some weekends we met in Macon, but we mostly met in Bham or Wayx. On Sept. 6 2003 we were married in the Atlanta Georgia Temple for time and all eternity.