Monday, January 11, 2010

Gettin in Shape

We joined the gym. We're so excited about getting back into working out this new year. we really enjoy Fitness 19(the gym we joined) and they are very reasonable, and they have lots of good equipment to use, and a childcare. We look forward to getting into shape and being more healthy. May you all(whoever reads this) have a desire to get back into shape or continue staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle!!!

Out with the old....In with the new

I am happy & sad to report that the car I have been driving since my senior year of high school is no longer ours. After driving it for so many years and putting sooooo many miles on it....we SOLD it. The day we sold it, it had 217,777 miles. It was a GREAT car, we never had any problems with it. We were ready to get rid of it, but also sad at the same time to let such a good car go. We hope Mr. Earl(the guy who purchased it) will get some great use out of it and that his daughter(who Earl bought the car for) will enjoy it as much as I did. We sold it because I wanted a newer car and one that we could travel in other than Terrel's work car...we wanted something we could travel in that has a little more room--which the 4runner did---but we could not travel in it any longer b/c of the miles it already had on it. I will forever remember my 4runner...b/c it has so much sentimental value.


This is my new car. A 2006 Honda Pilot. I ABSOLUTELY love it. It has 3 rows of seats and can hold up to 8 people. It has lots of room and will be so comfortable when we travel places. I'm so happy to have a new car....& so blessed to have a husband with a wonderful job that allows us to not only have the things we need but also the things we want.

15 Months

Carley turned 15 months on Christmas Day(Dec. 25). She had her 15 month checkup on Wed. Jan 6. She is a growin girl :). SHe weighed in at 26 lbs(75-80%). Her height is 31 1/4 inches(25-50%). Her head circumference is 47.6(80%). She is still growing on the same track she's been on since she was born. Doctor C. said she's PERFECT--but we already know that :). She had to do a vision test which she did great on, and she also had to have 3 shots :(--normally she would have only had two, but I had to get them the flu shot. I wasn't going to get them the flu shot because I never have done it for them....but they have wheezed the last two years and ahve had to be on an inhaler so Doctor C said we really needed to get them the flu shot once they are over their wheezing they were doing back in December. Carley and Tegan both had flu shots, and they both did great. Tegan still brings it up every now and then that she had to get a shot at the doctor. Tegan remembers EVERYTHING---so be careful what you tell her or promise her, because she will remember and REMIND you. Both girls are doing great and we're just lovin' life.