Monday, September 22, 2008


We are finally moved to Atlanta. We've been here for over a week, but we are finally in our new apartment. We are really excited. We love it so far. We stayed at Morgan's parent's for the first week, which was nice to have that help with Tegan, as Morgan is getting so far along in her pregnancy. Terrel is loving his job as an Outside Sales Rep. He has to get up really early to get to work by 7:30, but it is all worth it. Morgan is stil pregnant....almost 38 weeks.....we hope this baby comes SOON!!! She was able to find a good doctor up here and we are really excited for this new little one to come. Tegan's world has been totally rocked. Her Nana(Morgan's mom) was in JAX for our last week there helping pack up things, etc. Then we all left the same day which was Thursday, Sept 11.. and Terrel, Morgan, & Tegan went to Waycross, GA--where Terrel's fam lives--- and we spent the day there, then left Friday the 12th and came up to Atlanta to stay with Morgan's parents.....Tegan has had lots of granparent loving for the past several weeks, which we wouldn't change for anything. We stayed at Morgan's parents for a week, and then Fri. and Sat. Sept 19 & 20 we moved into our new apartment, which for now is across from where Morgan's parents live(they are in temporary corporate housing---until they find a house to buy). I think poor little Tegan is so confused of where to sleep, who's car to ride in, etc. etc. We've had soo much going on, we are all exhausted, so we're happy to start getting settled in. Just as soon as we get settled, her little world will be rocked again by a new baby. We know she'll be fine, but we just feel bad for her having soo much going on in her little life at such a hard age(2). We miss our friends in Jacksonville, and we hope we can keep in touch with all of you!!! If you want our new address just leave me a comment or email me at