Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Jan 2010

January 7 2010~ here comes the SNOW!!!! It started out with just some flurries....then came more and more and the flakes got bigger and bigger....and then finally it started to accumulate!!!! We only got about an inch I guess maybe a litte more. It was really pretty though!!! Well, the temperatures stayed below freezing like that had been for several days before, so the roads got iced over during the night. There were tragic wrecks, people iced in, and the roads were very slippery. We're thankful we were safe and had a nice warm house and warm water and food...unlike 1000's of people out there. Tegan and Carley went outside when the snow started falling, but once it stuck, Tegan did not want to go back out there because it was " cold outside!!!"(as Tegan would say). Terrel went on to work, but went later in the day. He said the Interstates were fine, but some of the side roads were completely covered in ice. Thankful he was able to get to work safely & arrive home safe also! We've been in Atlanta for 1 year and a half and have had snow 3 times already :):) I love the snow and the cold weather(most of the time) because I get to bundle up in my scarves and gloves and hats and I get to bundle the girls up too in their cute winter clothes :) Here are a few pictures from the snow/ice: