Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who's Got a Beard That's Long and White??

"Santa's got a beard that's long and white....Who comes around on Christmas night?? Santa comes around on Christmas night!!"

Tegan has been soooo excited about getting to sit in Santa Claus' lap to tell him everything "he wants to bring her"--as she says. She has asked everyday since Thanksgiving, if not before, if we are going to go sit in Santa Claus' lap. She has said everyday the things she is going to ask him for. She has it all rehearsed & told him exactly like she tells anyone else who asks her what Santa Claus is going to bring her. Today was the day we got to sit in Santa's lap(we had to wait b/c I was working on their outfits for their picture with Santa). It was our turn and Tegan runs right up to him and jumps into his lap...she was so excited. Carley was the opposite though--- we placed her on his lap and she went to crying so we picked her up and let Tegan stay and speak with Santa for a minute. I went back to try again with Carley, adn the same, so I sat down and put her in my lap and sat beside Santa...then Terrel came and sat in front and we got a great family picture with Santa!!! We had to do whatever would work so we could have Carley in the picture too....and the only way she was doing it, was if I was holding her! We had a great time and can't wait for Christmas morning to see the girls' faces when they see everything Santa Claus brings them!!