Monday, October 8, 2007


YAY!! we finally moved from Waycross, GA to Jacksonville, FL. Terrel got a new job with a company called ABF Freight. He is a sales rep for the company. He started there Monday Oct. 1, 2007. So far, he has loved it....i am so proud of him and we are both so happy we have found a new place to live and a better job!!! we have a cute little apartment about 3 miles from his work--so he comes home for lunch everyday--YAY!!! Tegan is loving our new location b/c the dogs get to be inside with her all day and she hass more room to run and play!!! I (morgan) am happier to be back in a bigger city. We love it here so far....if you are ever in jville let us know we would love to see you!!!!



GIRL!!!!! we had a baby girl, we named her Tegan Brook. she was 8 lbs. 8 oz 19.5 in long--- she was a big baby :):) after 15+ hours of labor and 3+ hours of pushing she was FINALLY born at 11:14 pm on June 6, 2006 in Waycross, GA. Our lives were changed from that day--- we had a new baby to care for, to teach, to help, to watch her grow, etc. etc. Tegan has been a joy in our lives, she brings us such happiness. We watch her do new things everyday....when she has been learning to do new things throughout her life we would sit there and continue to help her and just wish we could do it all for her, but all we were able to do was help--- it would break our hearts when she would try and roll over and couldn't or try and crawl and just fall down, and then when she was learning to walk and would fall down and hurt herself --ahh it would tear us up!!! she is 16 months now--and of course is into everything. she LOVES to read her books, play with her stuffed minnie mouse, ride her cars, be outside, play with the dogs, swimming, everything....she is so easy going(most of the time). we love her to pieces, and could just eat her up!!! she is the love of our life and we look forward to watching her grow older!!!!


our life after marriage up to june 5,2006

After our honeymoon we returned to Waycross, GA to our home. We both worked, Terrel worked for Fed Ex ground for about a year after we got married and then went back to his old employer before his mission, Satilla Marine. Morgan worked for a security company---a locally family owned business--the owner is a member of the church and someone told them i was looking for a job so they hired me right away...they were really good to me. Morgan also went to school at Waycross College where she worked on her core classes for early childhood education(she is still currently working on her degree) we went on several vacations, several mini vacations, and just loved being together. In Feb. 2004 we went to Utah for a week of vacation, i was able to meet some families Terrel got to know really well on his mission, and i was able to see some old friends too. we had a really nice vacation and i really enjoyed all the snow out there. in Sept 2005 we went on a cruise to the Bahamas with 3 other couples. that was a really fun trip, we had an incredible time together and also with our friends. it was so peaceful and so nice to get away and be relaxed!! We love to go to Atlanta Braves baseball games and also Georgia Bulldog football games. we have an incredible relationship with one another and it continues to grow everyday. In Oct. 2005 we found out were were going to be parents for the first time. This was such an exciting time in our life, and then on June 6, 2006 we had a baby......

our we met, engagement, wedding, reception, honeymoon

Terrel and Morgan were introduced to each other by Morgan's brother, Bryce. Terrel and Bryce served together for 6 weeks on their mission in Utah. When Terrel came home from his mission in Nov. 2002, Bryce, Morgan, & some friends from Utah all went to Waycross, GA to see Terrel. Well, nothing really happened while we were visiting; but once we got back home to Bham, Terrel called just to make sure we made it safely b/c there had been really bad weather(what a sweetheart). Well since that day, we haven't missed a day of talking to each other :):) We decided to start talking and then we started seeing each other, we would drive back and forth from Waycross to BHAM and vice versa, and sometimes meet in Macon, GA(Morgan's grandparents live there). We developed a very strong relationship even though it was mostly long distance...and finally made it official a few weeks later. Well our love for each other grew stronger and stronger and we were seeing each other as often as possible.
.....Then I went to Terrel's house for my Spring Break for a few days....then he was supposed to come to my house for Easter or the week after, but he begged me to come back down there, so I did. It was April 27, 2003(the sunday after Easter).... we were not able to be together for Easter and he knows how much I love ALL he wanted to do an easter egg hunt for us. so he did it was soo sweet, adn i was so excited about everything i was finding, he had roses for me, and my fav. candy, and a cut elittle pink bunny at the very end with something SPARKLY tied around its neck--it was a DIAMOND RING-- i couldn't believe it he asked me to MARRY HIM!!! of course i said YES!!! we have it all on video( i am very grateful for that). it was a very sweet engagement.
......then came the wedding plans-- AHHHH!!! we set the date for Sept. 6, 2003---my brother Keith didn't come home from his mission until late august 2003 and i really wanted him to be there so we set the date for sept. we got everything scheduled, flowers ordered, reception place booked, etc. etc. everything went REALLY smooth thank goodness. So Sep. 6, arrived FINALLY....we were sealed in the Atlanta Georgia temple at 10:20 and 20 seconds on 9/6/03. it was one of the happiest days in my life.
.....Reception-- we actually had 2 receptions--one in bham and the other in Waycross. the one in BHAM was the same day as the wedding--it was a BLAST-- we had lots of FOOD FUN and DANCIN!!!
....Honeymoon-- we went on out honeymoon to Panama City Beach and also Orlando, FL.... we love the beach soo much so that's where we decided to go and boy it was gorgeous down there--the water was perfect, nobody was there hardly...couldn't have asked for a better time to go--- then orlando--we went to Universal Studios, and on our last day we ended our honeymoon with a visit to the Orlando temple on our way home. it was a wonderful ending to a wonderful week :):)