Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tegan "Says the Darndest Things"

Tegan is such a funny little girl!!! She says some of the funniest things and we have no clue where she gets it from. I am going to start blogging the things she says so we will have a memory of it later in life.

Funny things Tegan says:
*I(Morgan) had a pedicure done yesterday and we were about to head out the door to go to Morgan's parent's house and Terrel touched my foot or something and I replied with, "Please don't mess up my toes." Tegan then says, "It's ok Mommy, I'll take you to Nana's, I promise."
*We were on our way to Morgan's parents house another day, and Tegan said, "Nana's house is terrific"
*We were washing Terrel's car yesterday and Tegan said,"Daddy's new car is terrific" (note: we've had our "new" car since January, but Tegan still calls it Daddy's new car.
*Tonight, Terrel and Tegan laying on the floor and Terrel is laying about an arm length away from Tegan and she keeps telling him, "Daddy, get closer" b/c she wants him to lay right next to her and put his arm around her.
*she also says majority of the time "I'm Daddy's Fweet(sweet) Girl" but sometimes she'll say "Mommy's sweet girl"