Friday, January 22, 2010

Accident Prone?

Our poor little Carley has had sooo many accidents this week. It started off on Tuesday when we were at a friend's house for playgroup. She kept climbing up and down the stairs, I got her off the stairs probably 20-30 times(it feels like). We were all just sitting around talking and we here a loud boom/crash whatever the sound was of her falling followed by my sweet baby screaming. I jumped up faster than I ever have to go get her. She had fallen pretty far, I think. She was ok though, no concussion or anything like that, just a tiny bruise on her cheek, a scratch across her upper lip, and a little bit of a bloddy nose, and a small carpet burn. The next accident came last night when she and Tegan were playing in the recliner(oh I forgot to add, carley can now climb up into the recliner). They were playing in the chair just having fun then we hear the noise of a loud bump into something and she had fallen on the chair arm towards our fireplace mantle(the side of it) and hit her face on it and scratched her little nose up. Her poor face this week has taken a beating, bless her heart. The final accident to date this week was this morning. I was taking a bath and she walked into the bathroom with me like she does every morning and she tripped over her blankey and fell. During her fall, she bit the side of her mouth causing a gushing of blood to come out of her mouth. Luckily, that fall didn't cause as much crying as the others, and her mouth is already better. I hope she doesn't have these accidents next week!!!!!